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I thicken natural dyes obtained from plants, roots, barks and insects to paint colour onto the botanicals collected from my garden and surroundings.   I place dye side down onto fine silk fabric, roll everything around a dowel, wrap it with string to ensure the plant material comes in contact with the silk.  The bundle is steamed for an hour to set the dye.  The fine silk fabric is fused onto silk fusion because I like the look and it makes it easier to sew. The pieces are embellished with machine and hand stitch and sometimes quilted to add depth.  


The Silk Fusion is made with unspun silk fibre (roving, which looks like locks of hair).  The silk fibre is laid out in an organized fashion and fused together with a textile medium to create a fabric with some of the qualities of paper plus having the sheen of silk. The process of making silk fusion creates uneven, organic edges.  All pieces are framed without glass.  Art works are available for sale unless marked *.  Gallery 8 on Salt Spring Island, BC carries my work.  Contact them by clicking the Gallery 8 link.  For work with a price contact me for details

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Berries for the Birds  8 x 8  Gallery 8

show (2 of 2)-17.jpg

Unfurling  15 x 12    $550

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show (1 of 2)-6.jpg

Lacey Leaves  8 x 8*

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Humming Bird Buffet  17 x 13  $600

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In the Wing  30  x 15  $850

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Golden Birch  8 x 8 *

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String of Hearts  19 x 15  $650

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Golden Rain  30 x 15  *

Summer's Nectar  30 x 15  Gallery 8

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Hydrangea in Fall  30 x 13  $850

Lilacs  17 x 21 *

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Debuttants  30 x 13  $850

Autumn's Last Gasp   30 x 13  $850

Astilbe  17 x 21  $850

Peas in Pods  13 x 25  $650

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Spring Maple  15 x 19  Gallery 8

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