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The beauty, strength, fragility and wonder of mother nature and human kind are the foundation for my work.

I have made my home on Salt Spring Island in the Salish Sea.  It is beautiful, peaceful, nourishing  to my being and vibrant with natural woodlands, meadows, gardens, chickens, birds, insects and wild creatures. This place reminds me everyday to offer my prayers for the things I hold dear and the things that make the world joyful and healthy.  Listening to and being attentive to what is around me when working in the garden, kayaking, or hiking fills me with such awe and hope I want to convey that essence in my work.

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I am so fortunate my passion has taken me to exotic lands.  While my home is peaceful and meditative, travelling to meet other silk artisans and farmers is exuberant and exhilarating.  The artists of cultures with less disposable earnings are extremely inventive with what is at hand to create unequaled textiles with rich patterns and unique colour combinations.  The farmers of silk caterpillars  are dedicated to their little charges.  It is not only for financial reasons they are so committed, it has long filled a spiritual need as well as providing a healthy, rural lifestyle, creating a renewable resource for clothing.   The richness of these experiences helps to inform my work.

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