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 All flora holds the perfect mixture of science, magic and beauty.  With minerals, tannins and alchemy I endeavour to coax the spirit of plants onto silk cloth,  releasing their own pigments, no dyes are used.  Botanicals are laid on treated cloth, rolled tightly around a dowel and steamed to release the plants juices, creating a lightfast pigment.  The printed silk cloth is fused onto silk fusion to provide a stable backing.  Handstitching, earth pigments, silver and gold leaf embellish the work.  Flattened silk cocoons from Africa form a frame for the long pieces.

The Silk Fusion is made with unspun silk fibre (roving, which looks like locks of hair).  The silk fibre is laid out in an organized fashion and fused together with a textile medium to create a fabric with some of the qualities of paper plus having the sheen of silk. The process of making silk fusion creates uneven, organic edges.  All pieces are framed without glass.  Art works are available for sale unless marked *.  Gallery 8 on Salt Spring Island, BC carries my work.  Contact them by clicking the Gallery 8 link.  For work with a price contact me for details.

Whispers from Plants - Smoke Bush  19 x 25  $600

Whispers from Plants - Liquid Amber  19 x 25  $600

Whispers from Plants - Fig and Gingko  19 x 25  $600

Whispers from Plants - Hydrangea

18 x 45 *


Whispers from Plants - Horsechestnut  18 x 54 *

Whispers from Plants - Oak

18 x 54  $1250

Whispers from Plants - Maples

18 x 54 *

Summer's End *

Maple Essence  19 x 25  Gallery 8

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