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To create a background with varying colours in specific areas, I choose precise colours of silk fibre and lay them down as a painter would do with paint.  When I am happy with the results, I finish the piece of silk fusion.  This back ground can then be machine or hand stitched, appliquéd or have paint or dye applied on top.

The Silk Fusion is made with unspun silk fibre (roving, which looks like locks of hair).  The silk fibre is laid out in an organized fashion and fused together with a textile medium to create a fabric with some of the qualities of paper plus having the sheen of silk.  The process of making silk fusion creates uneven, organic edges. All pieces are framed without glass.  Art works are available for sale unless marked with  *.  Gallery 8 on Salt Spring Island, BC carries my work.  Contact them by clicking on the Gallery 8 link .   For work with a price contact me for details.

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Rust and Decay  16 x 20  $650

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Coral Jesters  13 x 19  $550

show (1 of 2)-17.jpg

Tunnels of Delight  18 x 14  $500

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Botanical Beach  30 x 18  *

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Fluttering of Butterfly Wings  17 x 21  $550

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Tears for Tahlequah  31 x 24  $900

Food for Bees  17 x 21  $650

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Xylem and Phloem  60 x 12  $650

When Maples Fly - 26 x 31  $950

Indigo and Rust  17 x 13  $350

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