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Gathering Again

It's beginning to feel a lot like spring here in the Pacific Northwest. There is a radiant warmth in the sunshine and snow drops, crocuses and cherry blossoms are brightening the day. With spring comes the promise of covid restrictions loosening and plans for travel and long awaited gatherings. I belong to Vancouver Island Surface Design group and we organized a conference with hands on fibre art workshops and presentations to take place in 2020. We know what happened to those plans and the same plans for the following year. But now we are all geared and excited to welcome kindred spirits to join us in the town of Duncan on Vancouver Island in June. You can get more information for the conference and sign up here

I will be giving the opening slide presentation on June 15: In Search of Wild Silk: Exploring Village Industries in the Jungles of India. It will be an overview of thirty years of field research for my new book to be released in October. You'll be drawn into the captivating world of a unique living culture that has been engaged in a sustainable industry for generations. Photos and anecdotes captured from weavers, spinners and silkworm farmers transport you into their homes and villages to get an up-close look at the intimate connection to the skill and dedication the artisans use to transform cocoons into yarn and luxurious fabrics.

You can get a glimpse into the world of wild silk by listening to a podcast I did with Long Thread Media Podcasts Season 4: Karen Selk, Wild Silk Seeker


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