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Meet Francois

The tiny vase of Mock Orange flowers are super heady, filling the studio with their heavenly scent as I write. This is the what I saw on my stroll through the garden this morning. Francois the frog is the latest addition to our garden and greeted me as I walked out the door. He makes me smile and reminds me why I love growing things.

March, April and May each year the veggie garden and ornamental gardens are needing much attention for pruning, weeding, starting seedlings, veggie garden layout, weeding, keeping track of which veggies get planted when and keeping a journal, and don’t forget weeding.

But, things are starting to get all settled in for the season and I can cut back on the hours in the garden and begin to roam with my camera or just my eyes, ears, nose, hands and a heart full of gratitude for being able to garden, it keeps me grounded, surrounded with beauty, nourished with fresh, organic food and inspired.

When I want to spend more time in the studio or writing my book, it just takes a second to look up and around and open all my senses and I remember.

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תגובה אחת

28 במאי 2019

Thanks for another wonderful Post. The photographs are stunning as always, and I’m so pleased to meet Francois. Happy for you that this is the point in the calendar where you can relax just a little bit and enjoy the garden and the beauty. We are touring Blenheim Palace today, the home of Winston Churchill. I will send some snaps. Mine are always snaps. L xx

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