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The Viewpoint from Here

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

The Woodland Garden in Autumn

This planet earth is truly our mother. She provides us with trees, plants and water which in turn make air for us to breath and food to nourish our bodies. If this isn't enough, the miracle of all this synergy is a feast for all of our other senses as well. I know this amazing gift is not provided free of charge. In return, it is our duty to respect and take care of all the things on this planet. Accordingly, I try to apply these sentiments to all aspects of my daily life including textile art. I use only natural fibres from renewable resources that supply a means of livelihood for farmers and are gentle to the land. I also use natural dyes obtained from trees, roots, flowers, insects and berries. Not only are these dyes non-toxic, they are also renewable, support farmers and use the land softly.

This is my first blog and an introduction to what will be in these musings:

AROUND HERE: We are partially self-sufficient gardeners, so all the effects of changing seasons, the planting cycles, weather and pesky critters are the things that engage our bodies, mind and spirit most days.

SILK FUSION: Unspun silk fibre is laid out and manipulated to make silk fusion. I use silk fusion as the substrate for most of my art.

PAINTERLY ART : My latest work using silk fusion in a painterly way will be shared here.

PHOTOGRAPHIC ART: My technique and latest work using silk fusion and my photographs will be shared here.

BOTANICAL PRINTS: My latest work and technique using plant material from the garden with natural dyes to create botanical prints will be shared here.

ASIAN JOURNAL: I have been travelling in many countries in Asia researching various textile techniques and the production of silk over 30 years. I will share stories here.

BOOK: WILD SILKS OF INDIA: I am currently writing a book about the wild silks of India. I will keep you updated on the progress here.



Mar 05, 2019

That is so inspiring ..... just lovely!!! I am so proud of what you are doing!!


Mar 05, 2019

This is so interesting, What an exciting venture. i'm looking forward to the next instalment.


Feb 04, 2019

Karen .... this is absolutely wonderful .... congratulations .... you are a wonderful inspiration to us all!! XXOO

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